Recently, we wrote an article describing three myths about domestic violence in Washington State that simply aren’t true. Today, we want to debunk three more domestic violence myths. If you, or someone you love, have been the victim of domestic abuse then you deserve to know the truth about your rights and about how to protect your future.

Some Things Just Aren’t True

As you think about what you should do next, it is important to know that domestic abuse may be relevant to King County divorce proceedings even if:

  • No arrest has been made – Your spouse does not have to be arrested and no criminal charges need to be brought in order for domestic abuse to be a relevant factor to your divorce.
  • Someone else suffered abuse that was “worse” than yours – There is no minimum threshold of how bad spousal abuse must be before it is relevant to your divorce.
  • You do not have permanent physical scars – Serious domestic abuse can occur and leave no lasting physical scar.

You can’t believe everything that you hear in the media or even from friends and relatives. Your future is too important to rely on well-meaning—but sometimes incorrect information.

Instead, Learn the Truth

Contact an experienced domestic abuse lawyer to find out more about your legal rights and what you can do to protect them. You can reach us via this website to schedule a confidential consultation.

We also encourage you to share this article on Facebook, Twitter or through your personal email distribution list. You may have friends and relatives who are suffering from domestic abuse in Washington State and who need help. Let them know that help is available and that they have the right to seek it. Let them know that they are not alone in a non-threatening and supportive way. Let them know how to face the future by knowing the truth about their rights.

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