FREE Divorce Guide for Women in Washington

Do you know how to protect your rights, your financial security, and your children's best interests during a Washington State divorce? A new, free guide written by Bellevue divorce attorney Molly B. Kenny can help you better understand the legal aspects of divorce and help you and your kids transition into the new chapter of your life. 

This informative and user-friendly guide answers a number of common questions and concerns that many women have when considering divorce, including:

  • What steps do I need to take during the divorce process?
  • What do I need to do before initiating a divorce?
  • Who should file for divorce, my husband or me?
  • What financial information do I need to collect?
  • Does there need to be an underlying reason for divorce?
  • How will our property be classified under Washington law?
  • Will I have to pay child support or spousal support?
  • How will our retirement accounts be divided? 
  • Do I need to hire a divorce lawyer?
  • Can I get my spouse to move out of my home? 
  • Are there children's books that breach the subject of divorce? 
  • Are there Washington State resources for divorced or divorcing women?

The Savvy Woman's Guide to Divorce in Washington is a 60-page digital booklet that covers a range of divorce and child custody topics specifically as they relate to Washington State law. Our free guide will provide helpful divorce tips for women and it is available for FREE only through Molly Kenny's website.

A divorce can be an extremely painful and emotionally draining experience - but it can also be your first chance to regain your independence, to stand up for exactly what you want, and to make a fresh start, knowing that you did what was right for you and your children. By learning more about the divorce process, the child custody process, and the division of property, you are arming yourself with knowledge that will only help you in the coming weeks and months. You wouldn't begin a journey without a map - don't begin the divorce process without guidance.

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The first step toward receiving fair treatment and ensuring that your kids are treated fairly is to educate yourself about the divorce process. Start today by requesting your free copy of The Savvy Woman's Guide to Divorce in Washington.

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