Divorce can be difficult for any children involved. Children of divorce are forced to watch their parents separate, quickly affecting nearly every aspect of life. As a result of the divorce, the kids may have to split time between homes and get used to two different schedules in new environments.

Because some children may struggle to cope with the separation, some parents choose to utilize resources for children of divorce in Bellevue aimed at assisting them through divorce. Consider using these options if your child needs help as you tackle your family issues.

Family Therapists

One of the best ways to help your child cope with the struggles of divorce is by visiting a therapist together as a family. Family therapists are trained to deal with the often-contentious dynamics between spouses who are separating and may be able to assist in settling issues at the center of the conflict. In turn, this may help the kids better understand the divorce. Search the Psychology Today therapists listing to find one who is right for you.

Divorce Counseling for Children

While managing issues in a family setting may prove beneficial, your children may see better results by working individually with a child therapist. A child therapist can pose questions to your children and identify factors that may exacerbate your children’s struggles. Meeting privately with a child therapist also may make your children more willing to share personal issues than in front of their separating parents. Psychology Today also lists child therapists in the area who may be able to help.

Divorce Support Group

While professional counseling often can assist children of divorce, some may find it useful to share stories and witness the transformation of others in a divorce support group. In a divorce support group, your children can pose their own issues to the group and receive support from community members who experience the same obstacles. Furthermore, through attending a support group, your children can understand that others are going through a divorce as well and that divorce is a matter that affects many people.

Resources for Special Needs Children

Divorce can be especially difficult for families with special needs children. The following recourses are provided to help you adjust to child custody arrangements with special needs children following your divorce.  

Beneficial Activities for Kids with Special Needs
23 Ways to Communicate with a Non-Verbal Child
Routines and Children with Disabilities
Disability Remodeling
A Guide for Disabled First-Time Homebuyers

Other Resources for Children of Divorce

Of course, as you proceed through your divorce, it is important to attempt to keep your children’s schedule as normal as possible in order to minimize any negative effects. To do so, consider signing your children up for playgroups with their peers or reading groups in the local library. For children in elementary school or older, encourage them to get involved in school organizations to keep them busy throughout the day. These activities will help your children focus on productive matters instead of worrying about the ramifications of the divorce.

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