Experienced & Assertive Family Law Attorneys in Bellevue

We guide our clients from fear and uncertainty to clarity. You may be coming to us because you or a loved one are going through a marital or family crisis. We want to listen to your situation and help you explore practical options that will allow you to move forward with your life with dignity and the least amount of conflict and disruption.  

Here's What Our Bellevue Family Law & Divorce Attorneys Do for You

We take time to learn about you and your situation. This allows our Seattle legal team to identify and share with you the options that will help you reach your goals. Our staff doesn't arrive at your options lightly or haphazardly. Instead, we approach each case with a combination of strategic thinking, careful and meticulous planning, and a thorough knowledge of the facts.

The way we practice law entails one-on-one contact with our clients. We strive to know our clients personally and to understand their values and priorities as well as the legal issues surrounding their cases. We don't run a "mill" with armies of faceless associates and paralegals. We represent our clients "one case at a time" using technology to maintain communication with our clients and to move cases efficiently to resolution.

Some Family Law Cases Require Exceptional Care to Handle Correctly

  • If your net worth is over one million dollars, divorce can be extremely complex and may have serious financial consequences. We have access to financial professionals in Seattle including CPAs, business evaluators, financial planners, and economists who can untangle difficult issues involving income, real estate, stock options, stock grants, and other assets.

  • If your case involves children, our attorneys consider the children's needs as paramount. Of all the parties in a divorce, the children are most profoundly affected. Children are also deeply affected by cases of domestic violence and abuse, even if they are not physically involved. In order to protect children involved in these cases and meet their needs, our firm has access to therapists and mental health experts who can help them understand and deal with the changing family situation.

  • In cases involving domestic violence, whether you are the victim or have been accused, evidence is essential. Our Bellevue domestic violence lawyers know how to gather evidence, what evidence to gather, and how to get this evidence into court.

Resolving Your Divorce with Respect and Dignity

Whatever the course of your case, our Bellevue family law attorneys are ready and willing to educate and support you through the entire process. We are a group of strategic thinkers with a strong sense of empathy, and are used to handling combative personalities.

At the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny, communication and education are priorities. We want you to fully understand your situation and your options. We won't just tell you what you want to hear. You will see everything. You will be given a copy of every document that pertains to your case as soon as we get it. You will receive a phone call whenever there is a development in your case. We return phone calls quickly and respond to email promptly.

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