What I loved about Molly was her ability to always stay focused and strong throughout the entire process.  Molly is a woman of few, but very strong words . No matter how much Tom "waived his saber" Molly would stay on point - only discussing/addressing the issues while ignoring all the side chatter, threats, etc.  Her reputation was that she could stand up to strong men.  She sure proved that to be true in my case!

Molly uses her knowledge of the law and the rules to keep on a straight and narrow path. She had this wonderful way of responding to Tom and his bullshit with short, swift answers. As frustrating as it was for him - she always remained in control of the situation.

In spite of the many protestations by the asshole, we were awarded everything we asking for in the divorce decree, on our terms, with the judge using all of Molly's language and none of Tom's.

One of the best things of all was Molly's way of reassuring my. Every time I started to feel distressed and depressed, she would say just the right thing to put me at ease. 

Obviously I can't say enough about Molly! I love, admire and respect her.

SE - Medina