When a relationship ends with a person you have built your life with, the emotional toll of the break-up is only half of the battle. In most cases, even after a couple decides to divorce, a number of legal issues must be settled. At the law Offices of Molly B. Kenny, we can help you with many of your Bellevue & Seattle divorce legal needs, including property and financial arrangements, child custody and child visitation arrangements, domestic violence cases, and dispute resolution and mediation.

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Divorce can be a messy and emotional undertaking for all parties involved. It is important that you understand your legal rights. Our divorce attorneys in Bellevue can guide you through the entire process.

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High-Asset DivorceHigh-Asset Divorce

The biggest mistake during a high-asset divorce is not having adequate legal counsel throughout the entire divorce process. Every divorce is unique, no matter how many assets are involved, and when a high net worth is involved, complexity builds fast. Learn more about high-asset divorce with the links below:

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Mediation and ArbitrationMediation and Arbitration

Mediation is an extrajudicial process that involves a skilled mediator to help you and your spouse negotiate an agreement. If you cannot come to an agreement in mediation, arbitration may be the next step. In this process, one or more arbitrators will hear arguments and make a ruling that is considered legally binding.

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Child CustodyChild Custody

Devising a child custody agreement can seem overwhelming and complicated. Our Bellevue child custody lawyers will guide you through the process of developing a plan that honors your children's well-being.

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Child SupportChild Support

If you are concerned about child support payments in Washington that you are either receiving or paying, the attorneys at the Law Offices of  Molly B. Kenny can help ensure you and your child are being treated fairly.

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Protect your rights to alimony and avoid unnecessary financial hardship when you have a Bellevue alimony lawyer aiding you in negotiating for fair spousal support. Our attorneys will advocate for your rights.

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Asset DivisionAsset Division

In Washington, earnings and property acquired by either spouse during marriage is the rightful property of both. Don't lose your right to your fair share - our property division lawyers can help protect your assets.

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Prenuptial AgreementsPrenuptial Agreements

Protect your pre-marital assets, and reduce conflict and costs in the event of a divorce. Bellevue family lawyer, Molly Kenny helps establish directives and guidelines for future matters.

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