This week our new library article covered four common wrong assumptions about domestic violence, from who can be the victim of domestic abuse to what the signs of domestic abuse are. Still, we didn’t cover all of the incorrect assumptions people make about family violence every day – here are three more:

Assumption #5: Domestic violence only affects poor families or urban families.

Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. It affects both high- and low-income families. It affects people of all cultures and races. It affects men and women. It affects people who live in the city and people who live in rural communities and suburbs. While domestic violence may be more hidden in high-income areas, or more stigmatized among certain groups, it can affect any family.

Assumption #6: Sometimes there are good reasons for a spouse to hit his or her partner.

There is absolutely no good reason or justifiable reason for a person to hit another person they love. It does not matter if your partner cheated, if your partner didn’t listen, or if your partner said something hurtful – violence is never acceptable and is, in fact, illegal.

Assumption #7: Domestic violence is a private matter that others shouldn’t get involved with.

While families do deserve privacy, families affected by domestic violence often need attention, support, and help – even if they say or act otherwise. If someone is being hurt and if someone is breaking the law, you should report it and it is your business. Domestic violence affects all of us, not just the abusers and abused.

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