When Will Domestic Violence End?

Domestic Abuse is never a justified action

Not until everyone understands what domestic violence is and that violence against your spouse, partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend is absolutely never acceptable. Unfortunately, far too many cultures around the world believe that there are justified reasons to punish, abuse, or control your spouse – and a shocking number of Americans agree that sometimes a spouse or partner sometimes “deserves it.” This is extremely disturbing information that can only be corrected through education and awareness.

Reasons for Abuse

While domestic violence awareness programs have improved the number of occurrences of domestic abuse in Washington State and dashed misconceptions about family violence, developing countries are still struggling to send the message that violence between spouses is never acceptable. In fact, according to UNICEF, almost half of women in developing countries believe that a husband is justified to beat his wife in certain circumstances. Specifically, both men and women in developing countries thought it was acceptable to beat their partner in the following cases:

  • Infidelity or cheating
  • Disobeying another family member
  • Neglecting household duties and chores
  • Lying about contraception
  • Refusing sex

What You Can Do To Help

Until these dangerous domestic violence misconceptions end and both men and women around the world become aware of what domestic violence is – and why it is harmful to families – the cycle of violence will continue. What can you do to help end these misconceptions about justifiable domestic violence?

  • Educate your children. The single best way to help the next generation is to make certain that both boys and girls understand the definition of domestic abuse and understand that family violence and verbal abuse is never, ever acceptable.
  • Spread general awareness. Support your local domestic violence shelters, don’t stand for domestic abuse in your community, and never allow domestic violence to affect your family.
  • Stamp out misconceptions. When you hear someone share a misconception about domestic violence, speak up. It may be uncomfortable, but you are stopping a domestic violence myth from spreading further.

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