The Effect Of The Recession On Marriage And Divorce

Posted on Mar 25, 2011
The National Marriage Project has released a new study that contains information regarding how couples across America weathered the recession. While a significant percentage of those surveyed reported that their marriages had suffered because of the financial stress of the recession, those without college degrees were at the highest risk for divorce because of the economic downturn.

The survey looked at just over 1,100 married couples and how their relationship changed over the two-year course of the recession. One-third of those surveyed said that their marriage was at a high risk of divorce throughout the recession due to added financial issues, while 38 percent of couples who were considering divorce delayed their plans because of the costs of divorce, including legal fees and establishing separate households. At the same time, about 30 percent of those questioned said that the struggle of the recession brought them closer to their spouse as both worked toward financial security in hard times.

It is normal in times of countrywide financial depressions to see higher rates of spousal abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, and desertion. However, the overall divorce rate usually drops during these times because couples are less likely to be able to afford a divorce and more likely to pool their resources to survive the hard times.

High percentages of those surveyed reported trouble paying their bills, trouble keeping their home, and joblessness. Those without college degrees struggled more than those with higher educations, and those who faced more serious financial stressors also reported more relationship stress.

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