How much a divorce costs is a really good question because there is no easy answer.  Again every case is unique, every family is unique, if you have nothing to fight about, you have no property, no kids, no child support, you could probably get it done for under two thousand dollars.  But if there are areas that need resolution and you can’t agree, it will cost more.  If you have parenting plan issues -especially if you have young children, what's the child support going to be, is there a need for spousal support, how are you going to divide your property, how complicated is your property, do you have vacation houses, do you have retirement assets, do you have art collections, do you have car collections -  all of those issues lead to the complexity of the case and add to the cost.  Each case depends on unique facts, so there's no lawyer who can really tell you how much your divorce is going to cost and be truthful about it.

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