Posted on Sep 14, 2013

A new study conducted by a family law firm in the United Kingdom found that 20 percent of married parents report that their relationship is strained by the end of the long summer vacation and that some couples even consider separation or divorce by the time their children are back in school in the fall. The report also stated that 18 percent of parents reassess their relationship in some way at the end of the school vacation.

What do researchers believe causes this uptick in divorce at the end of the summer vacation? This is what they found:

  • Spouses spend more time together during the summer, which may make them realize they are no longer compatible
  • Spouses may delay a separation or divorce until after their children’s summer vacation is over so as not to ruin the break
  • A husband or wife may be under more stress while trying to balance work and family life, including more childcare responsibilities
  • Family vacations may cause conflict or stressful situations
  • Summer vacations and family breaks may put more a financial strain on family, which can lead to conflict and stress

In the past other studies have found that couples are more likely to divorce after long holiday breaks, most notably the winter holiday season that includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

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