Posted on Nov 29, 2011
Two Florida children who disappeared during a child custody dispute in December have been found safe in Washington State – though thousands of miles from their home.

According to local news sources, 8-year-old Journey Everitt and 3-year-old Trust Everitt disappeared from their home almost a year ago, while their parents were involved in an acrimonious divorce and child custody battle. Authorities searching for the children believed that their mother, 30-year-old Chrystal Everitt, was responsible for their disappearance.

This month, an alert social worker reported that the mother and two children were at a homeless shelter located in Vancouver, Washington. When police investigated, they found that the three people had been living in the shelter since June. It is not clear where they were residing between their disappearance in December and that time.

The social worker became suspicious of Everitt after she refused social services and medical attention. The worker looked the woman up online and found out she was wanted for taking the children during a child custody case.

Everitt was arrested and has been charged with interfering with a child custody matter and child neglect. Jim Everitt, the father of the two children, was reunited with Journey and Trust this week.
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