Posted on Jul 10, 2011
Psychologist Stuart Greenberg committed suicide in 2007 amid accusations that he had installed a hidden camera in his employees' bathroom. However, as King County officials have uncovered his past over the last four years, it has become clear that the majority of Greenberg’s career was colored by deception, lying and scandal – and that he could have adversely affected the outcome of dozens or hundreds of Washington State child custody cases and sexual assault cases.

In a Seattle Times Special Report, the shocking professional life of Greenberg is revealed – consisting of decades of unethical and unlawful incidents in the state court system. Greenberg, who was a millionaire and renowned forensic psychology when he died, evaluated thousands of people during his career and testified in just as many court cases. What the families and judges around him did not know was that the man was part of an investment scheme that made him business partners with some of Seattle’s family law attorneys and other parties. The result? Greenberg admitted to giving false testimony in a number of child custody cases in order to please fellow investors or advance his own cause.

In one case, which took place in 1984, a Woodinville woman lost custody of her four-year-old son after Greensberg testified that she was probably sexually abusing her son and that she was too mentally ill to care for him. In reality, Greensberg was financially connected to the woman’s ex-husband’s attorney. She did not get custody of her son again until five years later.
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