Posted on May 28, 2013

As the divorce proceedings continue between reality star Bethenny Frankel and pharmaceutical sales rep Jason Hoppy, the process is becoming less amicable as the former couples navigates child custody issues

According to People Magazine, the couple had originally agreed to amicably co-parent their young daughter, 3-year-old Bryn Casey Hoppy. However, as time has gone by, several issues have made it difficult for the two to remain friends. 

Frankel, who was originally a cast member on The Real Housewives of New York and The Apprentice, as well as the star of several other Bravo reality television series, met Hoppy in 2008 and married him in 2010 while pregnant with their child. They separated in December 2012 after the world watched them get married, have a baby, and struggle with their relationship on Bethenny Ever After. 

Now, the couple is having difficulty as they try to figure out their new living arrangements, their daughter’s custody, and the fortune that Frankel made from her company Skinny Girl during their short marriage. Currently, 42-year-old Frankel told the media that the family was still living with their daughter in their multi-million dollar Manhattan apartment, which was renovated during the last season of the reality show. Both Jason and Frankel are seeking full custody of their daughter. Hoppy was recently seen still wearing his wedding ring. 

The 41-year-old Hoppy has most recently asked the judge to stop Frankel from speaking publically about the divorce proceedings, as discussed in the couple’s prenuptial agreement. Frankel recently told the press that she regretted her marriage and that her union made her feel like a bad person. 

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