Posted on Jan 27, 2012
New details in the Washington State missing child case involving Sky Metalwala have authorities considering that the toddler may have been taken over the border and is with relatives in Ukraine.

Julia Birakova and Solomon Metalwala, Metalwala’s parents, were locked in an acrimonious divorce and Bellevue child custody battle when Birakova reported her two-year-old son missing in November 2011. She claimed that she left the boy in an unlocked car that had run out of gas and that when she returned to the vehicle with gas hours later, the boy was gone.

Now, however, Metalwala says that the young boy hasn’t been seen since May, when a neighbor in Bellevue saw the child. A doctor saw the boy in April. The child’s father believes that his disappearance could have occurred in April, when Birakova’s father visited from their native Ukraine – and that his son might have been taken with the man. However, one conflicting report states that a neighbor saw the boy with his mother in October.

Birakova has not made any public statements about her missing son since the days after his mysterious disappearance. Metalwala has been awarded custody of the couple’s four-year-old daughter. At the time of his son’s disappearance, the man had not seen his children in over a year because of the ongoing custody battle.

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