Divorce Mediation Could Be Better For And Easier On Your Children

There are a number of reasons to choose divorce mediation over divorce litigation: it is often faster, less expensive, and less public than going to court. However, one of the most popular reasons that more Washington couples are turning to mediation for their divorce agreement is that it is a better and easier route for their children.

Here are just a few reasons why:

•    Mediators have the best interests of your children in mind when creating parenting plans.  Much like a judge, a mediator is ultimately concerned with the wellbeing of the children involved in your divorce case. Ideally, mediators strive to ensure that children have a significant amount of contact with each parent and to make certain that parents continue to work together to successfully parent even after a divorce.
•    After mediation, you’re less likely to find yourself in court over child custody. Studies have shown that couples who use divorce mediation are less likely to return to court over changes in child custody or child visitation. Why? Experts believe that parents are more likely to adhere to a plan that they helped create and more likely to work together to renegotiate child visitation terms amicably outside of court.
•    Mediation keeps matters private. Divorce mediation keep arguments and negotiations with your spouse out of the public sphere – everything that the mediator hears is strictly confidential. Your children will not be party to the particulars of your negotiations, nor will the public.
•    Mediation teaches you essential parenting skills for the future. During the mediation process, you will learn to work with your spouse to resolve conflict, even after your relationship is over. These skills can be put to work in years to come, as the two of you work together to parent your children.
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