For many divorcing couples in Washington State, their marital home is their biggest asset – and also a very emotional and symbolic piece of property. It is often the place where the couple built their life, where their kids live, and where they pictured spending their lives together. So – who gets the property during a divorce?

Just as in so many other aspects of a divorce, who gets the marital homes depends heavily on the other circumstances of your divorce.

Some Considerations Within A Divorce Could Include The Following

•    If you determine that it is important for the children to stay in the home, the children’s guardian will often get the house.
•    If there is sentimental value attached to the house, such as if you were a stay-at-home parent in the home of if the home has been in your family for years.
•    If you are willing to take the house instead of some of the other marital assets.

There are also a few unique solutions as to who lives in and owns the home. In some cases, one spouse could rent the home to the other, while in other cases the couple could continue joint ownership of the home even after the divorce.

Many experts believe that far too many divorcees decide to stay in their marital home when it is not the best decision. In some instances, a spouse may try to stay in their home and continue raising their children, even though the alimony provided is not enough to cover all of their costs. In other cases, a spouse may stay in a home for emotional reasons when it makes much better sense to sell the house and downsize.

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The best plan for you is to talk to your divorce attorney and to step back and analyze what the marital home means to you. Whatever decision you and your spouse come to, make sure that is a fair and reasonable on.

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