A divorce can be one of the most overwhelming and stressful times of your life – but a experienced and specialized Seattle divorce attorney can make the process of divorce go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Of course, as most people have never been through a divorce in the past, it can be difficult to know what to look for in a Washington divorce lawyer. While different people have different legal needs and different preferences, there are a few questions you should ask any potential divorce attorney before using their legal services:

•    What percentage of your cases are related divorce and family law?
•    What is your family law practice’s philosophy and mission?
•    Do you recommend divorce mediation for your clients?
•    Will you be in charge of my divorce case, or will I primarily be working with an associate?
•    Who will make up my legal team during the divorce process?
•    If I need to talk to you during my divorce, how will I contact you, and how available are you?
•    How often do your divorce cases go to trial, and how much experience do you have in the courtroom?
•    Do you have connections with other Seattle-area experts in the field, such as counselors, accountants, and non-profit organizations?
•    Will I be able to ask questions, receive copies of all documents, and act as a partner in the legal process?
•    What are your fees, and how do you charge?
•    What separates your family law practice from others in the area?

It is important to not only listen closely to the answers your potential WA family law attorney gives you, but also what you feel about your interactions with the lawyer. Are you comfortable? Does he or she seem knowledgeable and open? Does he or she seem engaged and trustworthy? Don’t be afraid to talk to more than one divorce attorney before picking someone you feel comfortable with – the right lawyer by your side can make a significant difference as you go through your Washington State divorce process.
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