You might believe that a divorce will mean that you can break off your relationship with your ex forever and altogether. But for couples with children, a divorce is a change in your relationship rather than an end to your relationship. In most cases, to give your children the best environment and upbringing, you have to work together with your spouse while raising your child or children.

What’s the best way to communicate with your ex when discussing matters of child custody, child visitation, and child support payments? Many family law experts recommend email for important conversations – and for a couple of reasons.

•    Email leaves a concrete record of the discussion that took place. If you communicate over email, you have the exact conversation down on paper – and also know the time and date that each email was sent. This can be very important if you find yourself in a contentious child custody case.
•    Email gives you plenty of time to think before you respond. When you speak with an ex in person or on the phone, you can say things that you don’t mean or agree to thinks without first thinking through the consequences. With email, you can process your thoughts, write them out, and make certain that you mean what you say before you hit send.
•    Email is a less emotional environment than talking on the phone or seeing each other in person. After a divorce, it may be difficult to see or talk to your spouse without having unhelpful emotions crop up that harm the conversation you are trying to have. Email lets you separate yourself with your spouse while still allowing open communication.
•    Writing about issues can help you think things out. Writing about what you want from a child custody agreement or visitation schedule can help you process your thoughts and parse out your feelings.

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