Child visitation schedules come in many shapes and sizes in Washington State.One of the most difficult aspects of a Washington State divorce is determining a child visitation schedule that works for both parents and that is also in the best interest of their child or children. The laws in Washington State don't use the term "visitation schedule," instead a residential schedule is created which determines which home the child will reside on which days. While many child visitation schedules are determined by the parents themselves, or sometimes with the help of a mediator, other parenting plans are ultimately decided by a divorce court. While child visitation schedules are often formed so that children spend significant time with both parents, other child visitation schedules may differ depending on the best interests of the child.

Examples of Child Visitation Schedules

Here are a few child visitation arrangements that have worked for other families:
  • Alternative weekend visitations. In this arrangement, children have regular overnight weekend trips to see their non-custodial parent – weekend trips that could include three-day holidays when applicable.
  • School vacation visitations. In this arrangement, children would stay with their non-custodial parent when school is not in session – times that could include weekends, spring breaks, fall breaks, and winter breaks.
  • Summer vacation visitations. For parents who live farther apart, a month-long summer visit to the non-custodial parent may be appropriate for the children.
  • Alternating major holidays and birthday. In order for a child to spend special occasions with both parents, an alternating holiday schedule allows children to spend every other birthday, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, with each parent. There are various visitation calendars available for parents of differing religious backgrounds.
  • Visitations on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and each parent’s birthday. This visitation agreement makes certain that children spend meaningful days with the appropriate parent.

Get Help With Child Visitation in Washington State

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