Virtual Visitation in Depth

Following a divorce, it is relatively common for one parent to move to another city or state. According to a report for the NationalCenterfor State Courts, an estimated 18 million children have separated or divorced parents, and one out of four of those children have a parent living in a different city.  The study also found that within four years of a separation or divorce, 75 percent of single mothers will relocate at least once.  These statistics make it clear that millions of children have very little face-to-face interaction with one of their parents.  

Technology is now allowing divorced or separated parents to keep in touch with their children.  Email, social media sites, and chat programs like Skype allow parents and children to interact while living miles apart. While many parents have worked out such arrangements, six states have officially adopted “virtual visitation” laws, which give family law judges the authority to award and enforce electronic communication as part of the parenting plan. Virtual visitation laws also allow courts to determine the frequency and duration of the electronic communication. Twenty-two other states have made efforts to add similar laws.

Critics of virtual visitation believe that virtual visitation provides excuses for non-custodial parents to move away and is not an acceptable alternative for in-person interactions. Advocates state that virtual visitation is not intended to replace face-to-face time, but that it is a wonderful way to strengthen or sustain a bond between a parent and child during times when they cannot be together in person.

Virtual visitation is a very realistic option when a parent lives far from his or her children.  If you are interested in learning more about virtual visitation options, contact a family law attorney at The Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny today.
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