We don’t know much about the final settlement between Hollywood superstars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and it is not for want of trying. The TomKat split was surly filled with juicy details about the couple’s life together, their complex finances, and their daughter, Suri. However, even though the couple had a number of public disagreements and troubles before their divorce, they were able to settle privately in divorce mediation.

Why did they choose divorce mediation over litigation? By not going to court to battle in front of the world, they were able to keep almost all of the details of their life and marriage from the public—as well as keep the details of their settlement from the media. Everyone involved in the process, including Cruise, Holmes, their attorneys, and the mediator, are not allowed to speak about the agreement.

In addition, the details of their child custody agreement are also under wraps, protecting the entire family from unwanted publicity.

Of course, the decision to choose divorce mediation does not end at privacy concerns. Mediation likely saved the millionaire couple a significant amount of money. Cooperating behind closed doors during mediation is almost always less expensive than a court battle, which often involves a much longer process and more hours with your attorney.

Divorce mediation is not just for millionaire celebrities and Hollywood stars. Each year, more and more ordinary couples are choosing mediation over litigation for some of the similar reasons that Tom and Katie avoided a courtroom battle. To learn more about whether divorce mediation might be a good choice for your family, call a Washington mediation attorney at the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny today at 425-460-0550.

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