If you suffer a change in your life, such as a job loss, lowered income, or medical emergency, you could suddenly find yourself struggling to make your child support payments. When this takes place, it is vital for you to immediately contact the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services child support division and let them know about your situation. From there, you will likely make a motion to have your child support payments modified to reflect your current situation.

To request a child support payment modification, you must prove that your circumstances have changed since the initial agreement through paystubs, bills, doctor’s notes, and any other pertinent information. If your circumstances have not changed and you still cannot pay your child support, you may need to analyze your budget, spending, and lifestyle.

If you stop paying child support and do not attempt to modify your payments, you could be found to be in contempt of court – and you could face serious consequences.

Are you having difficulty with your child support payments because of a changed circumstance? Speak with a Mercer Island divorce attorney today and resolve your situation.
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