Some couples are able to negotiate their prenuptial agreement without the help of a mediator, but others can benefit from the help of an unbiased third party. In fact, hiring a mediator to assist with your prenuptial agreement could ensure that you come to a fair agreement for both parties, and that your document will hold up in court if needed.

How Can a Mediator Help?

A mediator can make certain that you are both communicating in a helpful, open, and honest way – and that neither party is being coerced or strong-armed into an agreement. A mediator can also help walk you through conflicts and disagreements related to the prenup, both by keeping you on track and by assisting you in understanding the other side.

In a mediated prenup, the couple talks about the prenup face-to-face. Without a mediator, the prenup may be discussed by their lawyers or in a series of non-official conversations. The mediator can offer you advice as well as information about Washington State divorce law and how your prenup would change those laws.

In addition, having a mediator can help prevent bad feelings from forming between you and your partner during the agreement process. You do not want either person to feel bad about your relationship before you are even married. You also do not want negative feelings and property issues to follow you to the altar.

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