Many custodial parents find that child support problems extend much further than their ex-spouses. Parents who cannot get payments for past support may have difficulties dealing with their ex-spouse’s employers, business partners, or other agencies who have been instructed to forward payments.

What Types of Actions Can Be Considered Child Support Non-Compliance in WA?

If a person, business, or other agent has been instructed to remit payment, or provide support for your child, but has not done so, he or she may be guilty of non-compliance. Non-compliance is a failure to take any action that has been requested by a subpoena, income-withholding demand, or even an initial inquiry that has been issued by the state child support enforcement agency.

Some examples of noncompliance include:

  • Failure to respond to an inquiry from a child support enforcement agency
  • Failure to comply to the requests of a subpoena issued by a child support enforcement agency
  • Failure to return an answer to an income-withholding demand
  • Failure to withhold support despite being served a lien
  • Failure to deliver withheld support funds to the child support enforcement agency
  • Failure to enroll qualified children in an available medical plan

What Can DCS Do About Non-Compliance?

If you suspect that someone has purposely not responded to a child support enforcement demand, you should notify the Division of Child Support (DCS) right away. DCS has the authority to fine the non-compliant entity in order to get them to pay more quickly. You may also wish to have the circumstances investigated by an attorney to see if there is any criminal wrong-doing contributing to non-payment. If you want to get to the bottom of your child support problems, click the link on this page to ask us a question about your case.

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