One of the advantages of Washington State divorce mediation is that mediation sessions are confidential and that many of the personal matters and financial information that could become public information during a court case may be kept private. It is law in Washington State that mediation sessions are confidential and private.

How can a confidential mediation session help the divorce process? It is much easier to openly discuss a divorce settlement and child custody if everyone feels free to safely discuss their fears, concerns, wishes, and histories. With confidential mediation, you may speak candidly with the mediator without fearing that the information you share will be shared with your spouse. You may also share private events, emotions, or other information that would be considered unimportant in court, but which are very important to you and your ex.

Are you interested in exploring the option of mediation for your Washington State divorce? Speak with a Bellevue divorce attorney today to learn more about the process and find out if confidential mediation would be the right choice for you.

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