Relinquishing your parental rights is a somber matter, one that cannot happen without the input and approval of a judge and the custodial parent. Even if you were to have your parental rights terminated, it would not eliminate your obligation to pay child support and other financial responsibilities unless it was in conjunction with an adoption by someone else, not necessarily a remarriage.

The bottom line: if you are wondering, "Can I terminate my parental rights?" know that although there are some limited circumstances in which you could, you cannot easily end your responsibility to pay child support.

Determining the Best Route for You

Each case is different, and every individual and family has different needs and circumstances. What works well for one family, may not be advisable in your situation.

The following cases especially need strong parental leadership.

  • Abuse
  • Estrangement
  • Adoption
  • Chronic hardship

It’s important to know what your rights and responsibilities are so that you can make decisions that are in alignment with the law and that best suit you and your children.

If you have questions about the termination of parental rights, you are encouraged to call our office to schedule a consultation. Once we evaluate your case and understand your story, we can help you decide if and how to move forward. There may be additional options and factors that you’ve yet to consider, so avoid taking legal action until an attorney has reviewed your case.

Termination of Parental Rights in Washington

Like so many other areas of child custody law, judges in Washington State base their decisions on what is best for the child in question. It rarely benefits the child to have his or her mother or father give up all contact and legal responsibility just to avoid paying child support. Even if you do manage to terminate your rights and stop future payments, you will owe past child support payments.

Before giving up your parental rights under any circumstances, it is vital to understand the lasting legal repercussions of such an act. You will not have the right to see, contact, or spend time with your children. You would also not have any input on how to raise your children. Completely relinquishing your rights to help determine the best path for you children is a dramatic, life-altering, long-term decision that is not to be taken lightly or hinged upon finances.

Request review of your child custody arrangement

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