Once you sign a Washington State divorce mediation agreement the content of that agreement is binding unless and until it is legally changed. In other words, you cannot wake up the next morning and decide that you are not going to abide by the terms of the agreement. Instead, if you believe that the agreement is not in your best interest, or the best interest of your children, you will need to go back to mediation or to court.

Accordingly, the question that you ask is an important one. You have the right to work with a lawyer during the mediation process. You should understand everything that is in your Washington State divorce mediation agreement and consider having your attorney look at it before you sign it.

You and your soon to be ex-spouse may be able to dissolve your marriage through mediation rather than the courts. You may even get along really well and avoid conflict. However, that does not mean that you are on the same side in this situation. You may have competing interests and it is not the mediator’s role to advise you about what to do. Thus, we encourage you to contact a lawyer not only before you sign a mediation agreement but before you even begin the mediation process.

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