Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic Violence

Acts of domestic violence can be committed by current or former spouses, a live-in partner or former live-in partners, a person with whom you share a child, or even someone you are dating. This page of  common questions is here to help those who are learning about domestic violence and how to protect themselves and their family from abusive situations. Domestic violence can be very serious, and many abusers threaten further or more serious abuse if the abused victim reports the activity to authorities.

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  • Does Seeing Domestic Violence Affect My Children?

    Researchers agree that being exposed to domestic abuse and domestic violence will have a negative impact on your children. Studies have shown that children who grow up with domestic abuse in the home will be more likely to suffer from behavioral problems, emotional problems, depression, and poor grades. They are less likely to graduate from high school, more likely to get into trouble with the law, and more likely to enter into an unhealthy romantic relationship when they grow up. In addition, researchers have found that about half of the abusers who harm their spouses also harm their children.

  • Are Men Ever The Victims Of Domestic Violence?

    It is a common misconception that women and children are the only victims of domestic abuse. In reality, violence against men in the home is a very real problem, though one that often goes unreported. While it is difficult to know how many men are affected by domestic abuse and domestic violence, some estimates say that up to 300,000 men are harmed by their spouses or loved ones each year. Why do so many instances of abuse go unreported? Experts say that many men don’t want anyone to know they are being harmed, while others may also be suffering from verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse that keeps them from seeking help or reporting crimes.

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