It is not unusual for a Seattle parents to have joint legal custody of their children after a divorce. Even if one spouse has primary physical custody, a mediation agreement or court decision may provide both parents with shared parental decision making rights. This means that the big things such as education, religion, health care and other issues must be decided upon by both parents.

You May Be Right to Be Worried

While the situation for every divorcing couple is unique, there are many couples who have trouble agreeing on what is best for their children. This can make joint legal custody difficult. However, it is not impossible. In order to prevent problems, you might consider:

  • Following the terms of your agreement. Understand what you agree to at the time of your divorce and make sure that you can live with the terms of your agreement.
  • Establishing good communication practices with your child’s other parent. We know it can be difficult to put aside the hurt and anger you may feel toward your former spouse. However, it is important to figure out a way to communicate effectively when it comes to your kids.
  • Know when to get help. If the problems you are having with joint legal custody are negatively effecting your children then it is important to get help.

Things may change. You may be able to work out your differences or change the terms of your parenting plan and divorce agreement so that decisions can be made in the best interest of your child.

What Advice Would You Give?

Have you had problems with joint custody arrangements? How did you work them out? Please leave a comment on this blog with any tips that you might have for other parents facing this difficult situation.

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