If you are a veteran who is receiving disability benefits from the United States government related to your military service, are those funds used to calculate your child support payments? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple. Whether or not your VA disability benefits count toward your gross monthly income depends on what kind of benefits you receive and what they are used for.

Generally, VA benefits are placed into two categories in Washington State:

  • Veterans’ disability pensions – If you receive regular monthly compensation for a disability incurred or made worse by your time in the military, that amount should be reported to the court and will be included in your gross monthly income. It will also be used to calculate your child support payment amount. However, you should be aware that some veterans are fighting to get this law changed.
  • VA aid and attendant care – If you are receiving aid and attendant care payments from the Veterans’ Administration, you should report the amount to the court, but don’t expect those funds to be calculated into your gross monthly income or into your child support payment amount. Why? These payments go directly to the physical care and daily medical needs of the disabled veteran and are not used in any other way.

It is important to note that you should disclose all income to the court and your attorney – even if you don’t believe certain types of income will be used to calculate your child support payments. If you are still unsure about whether or not some of your veterans’ disability benefits should be included in your gross monthly income, you should speak with your lawyer about the details of your case.

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