During this stay-at-home period, many families are finding that spending more time together is both challenging and inspiring.  A couple of TED talks on co-parenting may help to Co-parenting Washington Divorceview this time together as a catalyst for a better tomorrow.  

In a TED talk already viewed by more than a million viewers, Joel Leon, the co-parent of a five year old girl, reminds us that co-parenting is not just a trendy label, it’s an opportunity to show up for the people you love. Joel describes his daughter as “the most loving, compassionate, empathetic human being I know.” Wow! Don’t we all want to say that about our kids! He admits that it took hard work to develop their co-partnership but it sprang out of recognition that they both wanted their daughter to feel love in a nurturing and safe environment.

Listen to the full nine minute talk here: The Beautiful, Hard work of Co-Parenting

In another inspiring talk, Ebony Roberts and her co-parent, Shaka Senghor, talk about co-parenting their 3 year old son.  They attribute their success to choosing to co-parent as allies and not adversaries. This description is priceless:  “For us, co-parenting is so much more than scheduling pick-up and drop-off, playdates, deciding what he's going to wear, what he's going to eat. For us, it's about helping each other carry the weight, unpack the load, and to show up in the world in a way that honors the beauty of our son. And it's for these reasons that we do affirmations.” 

To hear their affirmations, listen to the full 12 minutes talk here: How to Co-Parent as allies, not adversaries

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