You’ve worked hard to build a beautiful life for your family in Sammamish. Your house is exquisite, your children go to great schools, and, on the outside, your life appears to be perfect. Yet, you know that it is not perfect and you are getting ready to make a big change that may surprise many of your neighbors and acquaintances. You may be getting ready to file for divorce.

Don’t Make These Divorce Mistakes

As you get ready for this big change, it is important to avoid common divorce mistakes that could impact your future. For example, it is important that you don’t:

  • Trust your soon to be ex-spouse to look out for you.
  • Make a quick resolution your only priority.
  • Sign something that you don’t understand.

The decisions that are made now about property division, child support, spousal support, and child custody are going to affect your future.

Therefore You Have to Protect Your Future

Protecting you future is not greedy. It is not inherently unfair to your partner. Instead, it is important to you and your children. To find out more about how to protect your future during a divorce, please download and read one of our FREE books: The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Divorce in Washington or The Thinking Man’s Guide to Divorce in Washington.

Also, please share this blog post on your Facebook page. One of your neighbors or friends may also be considering a divorce and may not know how to protect herself or himself. He or she may not be ready to speak up yet, but may begin to protect his rights by reading the information you share.

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