Divorce Mediation is an excellent option for couples that are willing to work together and compromise throughout their separation. However, just because the mediation process has several advantages over a court divorce, it is still possible to make mistakes and run into obstacles. Below, we have summarized a few common divorce mediation mistakes to avoid:

  • Going into mediation without a plan. Some people wrongfully believe that the moderator will guide them to a working solution, and that they do not have to have even a vague idea of what they want when going into the divorce mediation process. This is a mistake. Look at your finances, calculate your future living expenses, and list what is most important for you before mediation begins.
  • Being too willing to compromise. Divorce mediation simply doesn’t work if either party refuses to compromise. However, being too quick to acquiesce may result in a bad settlement and tough times in the future. Stand up for what is most important to you, and compromise only after looking for alternate solutions and taking time to consider your decision.
  • Comparing your divorce and mediation to others. Just as every marriage and every family is different, every divorce is different too. Comparing your mediation process to that of a friend’s that may have been shorter or more amicable is a mistake – and it doesn’t come with any benefits. Focus on yourself and your needs.
  • Foregoing a divorce attorney. Too many people mistakenly believe that the neutral moderator will protect their rights and make certain that they get a fair deal. However, while the moderator will help walk you though the process and keep you on mark, they will not tell you if you are giving up too much or making the right moves.

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