The result of your Washington State child custody case could change the outcome of your life and your children’s lives. Because of this, it is extremely important that you don’t lose your case because of an easily preventable and common mistake. Before heading to court, be sure to review our top four child custody mistakes:

  • Not being honest and open with your child custody attorney. Your attorney is there to help you gain custody, not to judge you. Make sure your family lawyer knows exactly what you want to achieve, your full background, and the background of your spouse. He or she can’t adequately help you if they don’t have all the information.
  • Making errors in judgment in any aspect of your life. Your child custody judge will make decisions based on the best interests of your child – and he or she will make that call based on your actions and your stability. This is not a good time to be tardy to appointments, miss appointments, act irresponsible, or start a new relationship.
  • Making unfounded claims, threats, or exaggerations. Not only are these actions harmful to your ex and your children, it can also lengthen your child custody case, add expense, and ultimately result in the loss of your custody case. If there is a time to be honest, forthright and patient, that time is now.
  • Giving up. Because child custody cases can be long, expensive, and frustrating, it can be easy to convince yourself to give up the fight now and seek custody down the road. This temporary solution will likely only delay and complicate a permanent solution.

A Bellevue child custody attorney can make certain that you avoid these common mistakes and put your best foot forward during your child custody case. They will also make certain that you will leave the courtroom knowing that you did your best to get the result you needed. If you would like to speak with a Seattle family law attorney about your case, call Molly Kenny today at 425-460-0550 to schedule an appointment.

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