According to the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle, a non-profit organization that strives to strengthen marriages and families, two-thirds of couples report a lower quality of their relationship in the months and years after the birth of a baby. It can be depressing news for many new parents and those considering parenthood – but researchers say that the information can help these groups fight off potential anger, depression, and resentment after bringing home baby.

Why can new kids often cause trouble in relationships and marital satisfaction? It really comes down to the fact that it is a big change, and that it can be difficult to weather such a change with your partner. There is a loss of sleep, a change in responsibilities, and less alone time for couples. At the same time, old arguments, such as fights about money or household chores, can intensify under stressful circumstances.

What should couples do in order to avoid post-baby relationship stress? Experts say that pre-kid counseling sessions will help, as well as parents simply understanding that they will be entering a very new and challenging phase of their lives. In addition, parents can make a list before the baby comes outlining responsibilities and voicing their fears about the coming changes in their lives. 
Molly B. Kenny
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