Retired Seattle Policeman Charged With Killing Estranged Wife

A woman was returning to her former home to collect belongings when her former husband shot her and then himself. The week before, the man had requested a restraining order saying requesting that his ex-wife not be allowed back to the couple’s large home in a gated community.

Police say that the retired Seattle Police officer, 59-year-old Ted Richardson, shot his estranged wife, 52-year-old Susan Richardson, and then himself. A friend of Susan’s waited outside in the driveway during the shooting and called 911 when she heard shots fired. She told authorities that a fight had broken out after Susan had entered the house to get her things.

This was the second marriage for both parties and they did not have children together though they both had children from previous marriages. The handgun used in the crime was owned by Ted and kept in the house. The couple had been separated for several months after Ted had filed for divorce.
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