Group Proposes New Law Requiring Yearlong Waiting Period Before Divorce

Could we lower the national divorce rate simply by enacting a new law that delays divorce for a year? A group that is backing a new Second Chances Act believes so.

Social science professor William Doherty and retired Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears, the two people who penned the potential Second Chances Act, believe that adding more "speed bumps" to the divorce process may be key in reducing the overall number of divorces by allowing couples more time to work out their issues and improve their relationship.

Doherty explained that the waiting period would target couples that are open to reconciliation and those who have had happy, fulfilling marriages in the past. He also stated that the proposed act would not be a requirement for couples that have a history of domestic violence, abuse, or addiction.

Opponents of the law find that the one year waiting period before divorce would simply be another hoop for couples to jump through during the divorce process, and that the vast majority of couples would not decide to reconcile. At the same time, the waiting period would create a longer period of uncertainty both for the spouses and their children.

What do you think about the Second Chances Act? Leave us a thought in the comments section.

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