It’s Sunday night and your ex has not returned with your kids… again. He or she hasn’t called with an explanation and you are starting to worry. You are also starting to wonder what you should do about the general child visitation schedule: what good is a court-ordered schedule if your ex-spouse is not adhering to it? And what can you do about it?

  • If you haven’t already, try to get in contact with your ex or his/her family. Before getting the court involved, try open communication. Perhaps you just need to be clearer about the importance of the visitation schedule. Perhaps there is a good excuse for the delay. Perhaps he or she is being passive-aggressive about visitation.
  • If the child custody violations continue, file to have your ex held in contempt of court. If the issue cannot be resolved between the two of you, and if you feel that your children’s wellbeing and best interests are affected by the child visitation violations, you will want to involve the court. Contact your child custody lawyer and take the step toward officially handling the issues in your child visitation agreement and parenting plan.
  • If you believe he or she may have abducted the children, call the police. Child abduction is an extremely serious crime that can be very emotionally harmful to your children. When contacting police, be sure to bring your court order, information about where your spouse can be found, and what vehicle he or she drives. Be prepared to explain why you believe your children have been abducted and that your ex is not simply violating a visitation court order.

Are you having issues with your ex-spouse adhering to your Washington State parenting plan and child visitation agreement? Know your rights and your kids’ rights. Speak with a Seattle family law attorney today. Contact the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny at 425-460-0550.

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