This month we have been discussing how Washington State calculates the amount parents should pay in child support, as well as how a person’s income is calculated when the court decides on a fair child support amount. As we’ve seen, income is often much more complex than simply how much you earn at your job. It also includes interest and dividend income, income from rental units, and even lottery and gambling winnings.

Can Gifts Count as Income?

Gift are not usually considered income. They are not usually received regularly, oftentimes not very significant in value, and they usually come in a non-monetary form, such as a present. However, if you (or your ex) received large, regular, and monetary gifts, there is a possibility that they can be considered part of your income. For example, if your mother gives you a large monthly or annual “gift” of money, it is possible that the amount is used when calculating your income.

What About Inheritance?

Yes, any large inheritance that changes your financial situation could also change your child support payments. If you inherit a large sum of money from a relative, your ex could ask the court for a modification in your child support plan. It is important to note, though, that an inheritance does not always result in a child support change.

Speak to a Lawyer in Your State of Residence

Child support laws vary from state to state, and the unique details of your case can affect the answers to many of the questions you have about child support, gifts, and inheritance. Speak to a Washington State child support attorney to discuss the particulars of your case. Fill out our contact form today to schedule an appointment.

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