A short-lived bill proposal regarding drug testing and child custody law in Iowa has many people thinking about personal freedom, parenting, and the best interests of children.

Proposed new child support law

Iowa State Senator Mark Chelgren briefly proposed a law that would require parents in his state who receive child support should be required to pass a drug test in order to receive childcare checks and retain custody of their children. Chelgren, a Republican, said that he drafted the idea after one of his constituents told him that he was suspicious that his ex-wife was using child support money to feed her illegal drug habit.

The proposal, which was part of a much larger budget bill, was criticized by many others in the Senate, who argued that the law would be anti-women – not to mention expensive. The law could be abused by bitter or desperate exes, and cases could back up the court system. In addition, lawmakers added, the proposal should not be added into a bill that focuses on heath and human services reform.

Greater implications
Though this proposed state child support law was quickly taken off the table, the idea made national headlines. Some argued that ex-spouses have the right to know that their childcare money is going directly to their kids. However, others said that a drug testing law would be costly and difficult to implement successfully.

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