If you or a loved one is a domestic violence survivor, you are likely familiar with the manipulations of abusers: they harass and intimidate, then they apologize, then they paint themselves as a victim. This troubling behavior doesn’t always stop as soon as you end the relationship, move out, request a protection order, or file a lawsuit. In fact, an abuser many continue to try to control you and your emotions by filing his or her own set of lawsuits in order to intimidate others and discourage your own legal actions.


Three Common Ways an Abuser Might Use Abusive Litigation:


  • Defamation lawsuits. If the victim reports the abuse or requests a restraining order, the abuser may respond by filing multiple defamation lawsuits. These defamation lawsuits may also be directed at anyone who the abuser sees as helping the victim, including friends and family.
  • Retaliatory protection orders. The abuser may paint himself or herself as the true victim by mirroring all the lawsuits filed against them. This could include domestic violence claims and protection orders against the victim, friends, and relatives.
  • Requests to modify court orders. An abuser may try to wear the victim down with repeated court appearances and mounting attorney fees. He or she may accomplish this through repeated motions to modify alimony payments, child support, child visitation, and parenting plans.


All three of these retaliatory legal actions are meant to harass the victim of abuse and stop them from moving forward with lawsuits and claims. At the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny, we recognize these tactics and understand how to fight back fairly and effectively. To discuss your Seattle domestic violence case, call us today to schedule a private meeting.


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