Over the past few months, local superhero Phoenix Jones has made headlines for his attempts to stop violence in the streets of Seattle. Now, his wife, who goes by Purple Reign, is putting on her superhero costume to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Last month, Purple Reign launched “The Purple Reign Campaign” to provide strength and resources to people experiencing domestic violence. As part of the campaign, a variety of events have been scheduled, including the Healing Reign Music Benefit and Auction in April, to raise funds for victims of domestic violence.

All proceeds of “The Purple Reign Campaign” go to Northwest Family Life, a local non-profit that provides education programs, advocacy, and counseling for people impacted by domestic violence.

If you have been the victim of domestic violence in Washington State, there are a number of resources in the area to assist you with all aspects of the issue. If you require legal help regarding a domestic violence incident, contact a Bellevue family law attorney today!

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