It can be difficult to find trusted information on the internet about your family legal issue in Washington State. We've compiled this list of online resources to help our clients find the assistance and information they need regarding their Seattle-area divorce, child custody case, domestic violence case, or divorce mediation. Find the forms, nonprofit organizations, and other assistance you need by following the links below.

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Domestic Violence

Child Custody


  • King County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

    This lawyer referral service, certified by the American Bar Assocation, provides a referral to a lawyer best suited for your case and a 30 minute consultation with the lawyer you are referred to. There is a $45 referral fee. Contact the King County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service online or at (206) 267-7010.

  • King County Neighborhood Legal Clinics

    King County provides legal clinics at several locations in the area. The clinics offer free 30 minute consultations with a volunteer attorney. Call (206) 267-7070 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Monday through Thursday to set up a consultation.

  • Northwest Justice Project

    The Northwest Justice Project provides legal advice and referrals assistance to low income persons with cases involving domestic violence. Visit their website or call (206) 267-7021.

  • Eastside Legal Assistance Program

    The Eastside Legal Assistance Program provides East and North King County residents with free 30 minute consultations with a volunteer attorney and education classes and workshops. Visit the website or call (425) 747-7274.

  • Washington State Court Case Look Up

  • Free Credit Report

    Federal law provides that individuals have free access to their credit reports.  If you are planning for a divorce or legal separation, you should get a copy of your credit report.  The report will list all of credit and loan accounts held in solely in your name, jointly with another person, and those for which you are an authorized user.  The free credit report does not include your credit score or credit protection; you must pay for those services.

  • Internal Revenue Service

    If you and your spouse do not have copies of your previously filed joint personal federal income tax returns, you can order a transcript from the I.R.S.  Either spouse may independently make the request.

  • Social Security

    If you do not have a current copy of your Social Security Statement showing your earnings record and estimated benefits, you can contact Social Security.  This document is needed in divorce cases.   

  • King County Superior Court Home Page