Track Palin Divorces Wife After 18 Months of Marriage

Posted on Jan 31, 2013

After just 18 months of marriage, Track Palin and his wife, 22-year-old Britta Hanson, have filed for a divorce. Track, the 23-year-old oldest son of Alaskan politician Sarah Palin, and his former high school sweetheart, filed a joint petition to end their marriage on December 1, 2012. They have been estranged, though it is unclear when they separated.

The couple married quietly in May 2011, and they welcomed a daughter, Kyla, just three months later. They will have shared legal custody of their now-one-year-old daughter.

Track and Britta have already settled when it comes to a child custody plan and the division of their property. While both will continue to have responsibility for their toddler, Britta will keep her $2,500 bank account and an estimated $4,000 in jewelry. Track, on the other hand, will keep the couple’s $1,000 in firearms as well as a $30,000 bank account.

Britta told reporters, “I’m fine with it,” and added the divorce had not yet been finalized.

Track is a member of the Army Reserve and served for a year in Iraq. He has also worked in Alaska’s commercial fishing industry, though he has spoken about returning to school at the University of Alaska to attain a higher degree.

Bristol Palin, the oldest daughter of Sarah Palin, made waves in 2008 when she announced her teen pregnancy and engagement during her mother’s run for Vice President with John McCain. Three months after the birth of her baby, Tripp, she and fiancé Levi Johnson broke off their engagement and began a child custody dispute.

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