Study: Divorcing Young Leads to More Stress & Health Issues

Posted on Mar 29, 2013

The process of divorce can be stressful and harrowing for everyone, but a new study has found that younger spouses going through divorce are more adversely affected than older couples who decide to split. 

The study, which was conducted by sociology professor Hui Liu of Michigan State University, examined the relationships of over 1,200 people who are participating in the national survey, Americans’ Changing Lives. Lui followed those in the study for 15 years and noted their health, as well as their marital status. 

Published in the Social Science & Medicine journal, the study produced surprising results: it found that those who divorce earlier in life suffer more health problems associated with stress and life alone, while those who divorce after the age of 44 recorded fewer divorce-related health issues. Liu believes this may be true because younger people do not have the maturity or coping skills to face the difficulties of divorce. In addition, younger couples may be less financially secure at the time of divorce, making the process significantly more stressful. 

The study also found that those from older generations were more affected by divorce than baby boomers—perhaps because younger generations faced less of a stigma when divorcing and because older generations divorced less, and only under serious circumstances. 

The study’s author also noted that those who were divorced at the beginning of the study did not see a decline in health over the 15-year span of the research. This implies that it is the process of divorce—and not being divorced and single—that can cause stress and related health issues. 

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