Seattle Seahawks Star Struggles With Divorce, Property Division

Posted on May 23, 2012
The divorce proceedings of professional football player Chris Clemons have become contentious as both the defensive end and his wife Veranetta struggle with the division of property.

Veranetta filed for divorce two years ago, stating that Clemons had committed adultery several times in the past year and that he had been “physically, emotional, and financial abusive.” She also complained that her husband would often leave in the middle of the night, travel to Atlantic City, and not return until the next afternoon. Clemons denied the claims but agreed that he wanted the marriage to end.  

The couple failed to privately settle the divorce and the proceedings went to court. In March, a jury ordered Chris to pay his wife $500,000 as well as one of the couple’s cars, a Land Rover. However, just months after the decision, Veranetta has filed new legal claims concerning the couple’s relationship. She reported that after the divorce Chris “gave” her the couple’s mansion – but not the $500,000. When she asked for about $75,000 to pay for legal fees related to the divorce, he demanded she leave his property. Now she is asking for $82,000 – though Clemons has told reporters that he now paid the half-million dollars that his ex-wife was due. Originally, Veranetta had asked for $10,000 in alimony payments per month for five years.

The couple reportedly did not have any children during their short-lived marriage.

Clemons has been playing for the Seattle Seahawks since he was traded to the Washington football team in March 2010. For the last two seasons, he has led the NFL team in sacks.

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