Posted on Nov 28, 2010
Recently we shared some not-so-surprising statistics with you: in the last three years, as a large majority of the country struggled with job loss, housing troubles, and a poor economy, fewer and fewer couples have decided to file for divorce. Unfortunately, the reason isn’t that tough financial times brings us together, it is that divorces can be costly for both parties.

However, though fewer couples are deciding to end their marriages because of the financial implications, more couples are turning to divorce mediation as a way to save money while still having the option to sever ties and move on with their lives. In fact, some mediators are reporting significant increases in divorce mediation cases even as the divorce rates dip by double-digits in many states.

According to mediators, divorce mediation can save both time and money – but only if both parties are willing to communicate, compromise, and listen to each other. By working together, couples not only have an opportunity to establish their new, non-romantic relationship with each other, but they can also get the divorce that they both want without shelling out extra money for a complicated court case.

Mediators also say that, especially during tough economic times, the privacy that comes with divorce mediation can help keep their money matters private. Settling matters with a mediator can prevent a public fight for property and assets – or a public fight regarding debts.

As always, mediators stress that divorce mediation can be a blessing to many, but not for all. If your marriage involves domestic abuse, violence, addiction, or mental health issues, it is best not to choose this option. In addition, mediation is extremely difficult or impossible if one or both parties are unable or unwilling to work toward a resolution.

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