Posted on Oct 19, 2013

Seattle divorce attorney Molly B. Kenny appeared on King5’s New Day Northwest on Friday, September 6, 2013, to discuss pre-wedding law and prenuptial agreements with host Margaret Larson. The segment was part of the daily talk show’s ongoing fall series about weddings and marriage.

Kenny discussed a number of issues regarding pre-wedding law, including community property, prenuptial agreements, negotiating agreements, and when you may need a divorce attorney to assist you with contracts.

When it comes to prenuptial agreements, Kenny stressed that discussing a prenuptial agreement a few months before getting married is just as important as other aspects of planning your marriage.

“Talking about your finances is like any other part of the wedding planning process: you pick a venue, you pick a caterer, and you talk about your finances,” said Kenny. “It’s in the interest of increasing your success rate. Financial issues are one of the biggest causes of divorce.”

Kenny also told the talk show audience about the two key discussions to have before marrying your spouse: how you will keep your money and pay your bills, and what your current financial state is. Keeping secrets about debts or assets before marriage is very detrimental.

Finally, Kenny discussed the importance of prenuptial agreements for people with complex finances, those with large amounts of assets, and those entering second or third marriages. She also suggested seeing an attorney regarding a prenuptial agreement as opposed to downloading a form contract from the internet.

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