Last month, we talked about what prenuptial agreements are, whether or not you might need one for your upcoming marriage, and what they mean in the case of a divorce. In this article, we will take a closer look at a few specific reasons that you may want to consider a prenuptial agreement.

While most people know that prenuptial agreements are a good idea for millionaires, movie stars, and NBA players, fewer people realize that there are a number of situations that could call for a prenup. Here are five:

  1. You own a business. If you have a business before you are married, a prenuptial agreement would protect your business and your assets in the case of a divorce.
  2. You have children from a previous marriage. Sharing everything between you and your spouse is a romantic idea, but one that is sometimes too idealistic, especially if you have kids to support from another relationship.
  3. You have a loved one who needs long-term care. If you are responsible for the care of elderly parents, a sick relative, or a disabled child, it is vital that you are financially secure in the future.
  4. You have money coming to you in the future. Whether you are working on a medical or law degree, expecting a large inheritance, or simply think you will hit it big, you should consider whether or not you want to risk losing significant amounts of that money in a divorce.
  5. You have an important asset to protect. Are you responsible for a house that has been in the family for years or do you have a stock portfolio that you’ve been building for years? Make sure you won’t lose your most important belongings in a divorce.

It’s important to raise the issue of a prenuptial agreement with your significant other soon after you discuss plans to build a life together. Explaining exactly why you would like to sign a prenup (your elderly parents, your children, your business) can help your partner understand your reasoning and see the document as more than a sign you will want a divorce in ten years.

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